Saturday, April 05, 2008


Finally heard from DOTS.

Dear Ayelet,

My apologies.

I believe that your compromise solution takes an earnest step in the direction of satisfying the internship requirements that must be met by all master's level social work students at the School. I thank you for bringing forth an option for consideration, and I thank you for your candor during our meeting.

Given our commitment to professional social work education, our aim was necessarily to ensure that requirements specified for our master's program when you accepted admission are satisfied. In this regard, I have sought to verify the details of the circumstances you presented and also to determine whether unanticipated consequences might arise related to any shortfall in the number of hours completed.

The foregoing was important to explore as waivers are not granted on the basis of one's achieved level of competence or professional development. We have had physicians and attorneys and others with impressive and extensive professional credentials and experience enter and complete the MSW program, enhancing their knowledge and skills even further in the process of satisfying field and other educational requirements along with students with only the most minimal of previous experiences.

Recognizing that your requisite field hours will no longer be short by as many hours as previously discussed and expecting that you understand that the School cannot be responsible for unanticipated consequences emanating from any shortfall in your field hours, I am approving the waiver. This waiver is not intended to establish precedence and assumes that you will proceed as you propose in your earlier email. Here, I feel compelled to note that training in acupuncture, while certainly immensely valuable and supplemental to social work practice, may not in itself forward your mastery of social work practice.

I realize that this has been a frustrating process. I hope that you will understand that the School is committed to your development as a social work professional and to your potential as a leader. As such, I did not wish to give your request short shrift.

We look forward to your graduation and to your joining the profession. Please let me know whether you wish further discussion.

The very best to you, DOTS

Blah, blah, blah, we're the experts, nothing's our fault, do it at your own professional peril -- and I won.

I'm proud of myself. This is the response I wanted to send:

Dear DOTS,

Thank you for approving the waiver and for your consistent professionalism and courtesy, traits sadly lacking in your staff.

But my mother convinced me that it would be petty to gloat. I beat Dean Evillene -- I don't have to rub her homely face in it. Of course there won't be any professional repercussions -- I passed my first year internship and I'm acing my second year. And of course the deficit isn't my fault, but they're not going to take responsibility.

More goes on at the rehab center than sticking needles in addicts -- it's a comprehensive program. So I don't think any employer would look at my time there and think all I learned was how to stick needles into addicts.

In any event, it doesn't matter. I took on the school and I won!
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  1. YAY! Good for you. Glad you stood up for yourself.

  2. Woohoo! You go, girl! This is fantastic news! :-D

  3. Congratulations! Great news indeed!