Monday, April 28, 2008

What I did and didn't write

The school sent round a request for an evaluation of our internship experience and our appraisal of the internship department:

Listed below is this year's Student Evaluation of Internship form. The survey is a crucial part of our ongoing review of all aspects of internship. The survey you complete today does not come to the Internship Department until after your grades have been submitted and you have left your placement. So please be honest and reflective. We do appreciate your candid feedback. The survey is due by Sunday, May 4th.

We especially appreciate hearing of ways in which your internship was a positive experience, so that we may identify those sites that best meet the MSW program's educational goals. We are also interested in knowing when an internship falls short of the standard. If you identify a problem that I am not already aware of, I or a member of my staff will contact you in June. Rest assured that we will handle your criticisms with care and tact, so as not to put you in an awkward situation with your supervisor, agency, or advisor.

That we will continue to work with agencies that receive positive feedback goes without saying. A negative report prompts us to investigate, assess, and, if appropriate, re-contract with the agency contingent upon development of a corrective action plan. If we find that the plan is not implemented, the student is assigned a new placement expeditiously, and the old placement is closed.

I personally read each of your surveys, and gladly look forward to reviewing your responses.

Evillene, Assistant Dean and Director of Internships

This is what I wanted to write:

The internship department is execrable. Eleanor Feckless has done nothing but lie to me, condescend to me, and set me up to fail. Dean Evillene is a vicious hypocrite who routinely violates the Social Work Code of Ethics in her dealings with students.

I do not recommend this school to any student interested in pursuing an MSW because the
internship department is so horrendous. Quite frankly, I think the internship department is the reason my ACT team is not seeking another student from this school for next year, since they have been uniformly happy with my work and contribution to the team.

My excellent experience this year was due to my hard work and the excellence of the ACT team. It was accomplished in spite of the internship department staff's utter ineptitude. My supervisor recommended that I pass my fourth semester, so if you fail me for any reason, including my frank opinions expressed herein, I will most certainly seek recourse elsewhere.

But then I thought, "What is that going to accomplish? Dean Evillene already knows the depth of my contempt for her and her department. She's certainly not going to change. What's the point of writing a nasty little note that could be passed around to Lord knows whom and then come back to bite me in the ass?"

As we say in DBT, it's better to be effective than to be "right." So I limited myself to one line:

I cannot praise the internship department too highly.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. I love that last line - it's brilliant in a passive-aggressive way...

  2. Wow. That took a lot of restraint. I'm humbled.