Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What the -- ?

I went out a while back with a younger guy -- let's call him Chip. We went to Le Marais, his first time there, and had what I thought was a great time. I asked him at the end what he was thinking, and he said, "The steak was delicious and so was my date." Pretty straightforward, no? And yet I didn't hear from him for months.

Today Chip pops up in an IM, tells me my profile photos are pretty, and asks if he can have some more. Huh?

What for? The internet is full of porn

I sent back.

that's not why I asked u for pics, do u think i'm that kind of guy?

was his outraged response.

I don't know what kind of guy you are. I don't appreciate the way you treated me.

(It was probably a mistake to get into things with Chip, but I wasn't in the mood to study and I had an hour to kill before class.)

what did i do that was so bad?

Could Chip really be that clueless? I reminded him of how things went down, and ended with:

You can't go out with a girl, tell her you had a great time, NOT ask her for a second date, and THEN ask for pictures!!! Why do you want pics of me?

I'd love to know what he's thinking.

because i was missing you

What the -- ? If Chip missed me, why didn't he want to go out with me? And why am I so vested in dating a guy who didn't finish college and obviously has issues with communication?

Things got somewhat heated. He IMed some things, I IMed some things, and he finally signed off with:

so fine bye then and you should practice what you preach!

I have no idea what that means. But then, it's increasingly obvious that I don't understand anything about men. At all.

FYI -- I have yet to hear from DOTS. She promised she'd make a decision over the past weekend at the latest. Apparently Eleanor Feckless is not the only social worker at my school who makes a regular habit of not keeping her word.
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