Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ashkenazi men SUCK

I slept a lot this Shabbos. I lay down at about 5:30 p.m. on Friday to rest and woke up at 2 a.m. Too late to light candles, so I went back to sleep. Shabbos morning I accompanied Alona and Batya to shul. It was actually quite nice, except for all the Ashkenazi men who wouldn't make eye contact with me at kiddush.

I've written before about feeling rejected at shul by both men and women, but today it was just the men. I made a new female friend and hung out with others. But the guys -- many of whom I recognized from online dating site profiles -- completely ignored me. To a man (or boy, or guy, whatever.) Didn't even make eye contact, let alone smile.

Is it any wonder I'm into dating Sephardim these days? Ashkenazi men won't give me the time of day, and Sephardic men think I'm gorgeous. Who do you think I should favor?

I went to Eric and Ahuva for lunch, where I met some more new Facebook female friends (and perhaps we'll be real friends). But the single guys there were the same; they paid absolutely no attention to me unless I said something really funny. Which happens fairly often, but still. The orthodox "singles crisis"? It's the men's fault. Most definitely.

Then I lay down to take a little shabbos nap and woke up 15 minutes ago.

I'm still waiting to hear the verdict from Ikey Abadi's rabbi about whether we could theoretically get married. It's not fair -- Cohanim are allowed to sleep with non-Jewish women and still marry a Jewish girl. Ours is a sexist religion. But it's better than the alternative.

Wait -- Ikey just IMed me on Facebook. His rabbi said no. That's that. It's over. Guess I don't have to complete the SB vs. Ikey cost-benefit analysis I started on the train on Friday afternoon. We also spoke on the phone tonight, essentially breaking up after one date. (Technically, two dates if you count the one eight years ago.) Still painful.

Good thing we met up with his friend who disclosed his cahuna status. In a month I might have thrown over SB and fallen in love with Ikey. Better now than then.

At least SB is a better kisser (yes, I made out with both of them, I'm a loose woman -- obviously, since I can't marry a Cohen).
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