Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ataque de nervios

Dr. Genuine had to reschedule my two follow-up interviews. But I might only need one of them. If I don't pass their Spanish test on Thursday, showing that I can do therapy in Spanish, they don't need me on Monday. It's not a paper and pencil test -- I'll be doing a role-play assessment with a member of their staff.

!Ay ay ay ay ay! Thank Gd I took that Spanish for Social Work class -- or rather, half of it. And thank Gd Carly got all the handouts for me. I'm definitely taking a Vitamin K before that interview. Dr. Genuine seems to think I'm qualified. I certainly hope I am. I don't remember him mentioning that the job involved actually doing therapy in Spanish -- I doubt I would have made such a claim for myself. But I could probably do a decent assessment, and a big chunk of the job is case management, which I could probably also accomplish in Spanish. But therapy? Oy.

Good thing I also scheduled another interview for another position -- I need to keep my options open. But that's definitely it. I'm not sending out any more résumés until I'm back from visiting Yaffa and Christine and the pack.
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