Monday, May 19, 2008

Classic... or just old?

The flower girl sisters of the bride, who are co-maids of honor, were very impressed with the song I wrote and sang at Jerusha's reception many years ago. They were tiny, but apparently it made an impression, because they asked me to help them write a song for their sister, who's getting married next January.

I contacted the bride and asked her about herself and her intended. After mining her for trivia, I asked if there were any special songs they had or bands they liked. She said they were into pretty much all kinds of music, and couldn't think of a particular song they especially favored.

So I picked one: the Randy Travis classic, "Forever and Ever, Amen."

At least I thought it was a classic. I whipped up some lyrics and sent them to Maid of Honor #1 (i.e., middle sister). She wrote back:

So sorry I haven't gotten back to you, I just graduated but I still have to study for the MCAT and stuff! Ahhhhh it never ends!

[You're telling me. Two master's degrees and sometimes I still think I'm getting a doctorate, too.]

I think the words to the song are so perfect -- it amazes me how you can be so creative! I honestly had never heard of Randy Travis or this song before but it works out great!

[Ugh... Never heard of him??? I was young when this song first came out.]

I will show it to Maid of Honor #2 [baby sister] and see what she thinks. I am sure she will love it too. I feel so bad that you have done this work and that I have avoided it by focusing on schoolwork that I easily could have procrastinated on (hehehe). But thank you so much for all your help/practically doing everything!

How is school for you? Are you out for summer? I hope all is well! Love, MOH#1


Man, I'm old. You never heard of Randy Travis? I'm calling your parents.

I wrote this last night -- after all my schoolwork was done. I hope MOH#2 likes it! I'm going to California to visit my cousin Yaffa. Then I'm back for a two-week stint of auricular acupuncture training -- it's used in substance abuse treatment. All the while applying for jobs... sigh. Good luck on the MCATs -- I'm sure you'll do great!
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  1. Fly safe, enjoy the trip, and don't fret about jinxing. He'll figure out how to keep you feeling relaxed and cared-for.