Monday, May 19, 2008


It wasn't bad. I had to leave early to put my family on a bus to meet Jerusha, who's driving them to the airport. So I didn't get to meet all my friends' families. I'd feel better if I didn't have a nasty cold and the worse suspicion that things are over with SB.

I have to admit -- I caved. I called him yesterday to see if we were still on for dinner-and-a-ride-to-the-airport tomorrow. He was in a rush, had allegedly worked all night Saturday and most of Sunday.

"Why wouldn't we be on?" he asked.

"Well, I haven't heard from you in a few days..." I said, my voice trailing off as I realized how weak and stereotypically female that sounded.

"I'll call you later, sweetie," he said, and we hung up. But it's almost 8 p.m. and I still haven't heard from him. If I'm going to organize another route to the airport, I need to do that tonight. So even though I don't want to, I have to call him back. I looked back over my caller ID records, and in his defense, he has called me a lot over the past two weeks. But now is when I really need to hear from him, and I haven't.

I should never have told my parents he took me to dinner where we had lunch today. We shared the chocolate and avocado terrine, which he thought was too sweet but I thought was amazing. My mother's a huge chocoholic, so I suggested we get the same dessert. And I guess it made me think of him. I should have just had lunch and skipped dessert. I jinxed myself again.
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