Thursday, May 01, 2008

He thinks I'm "Stacy's Mom"

This is how hot SB thinks I am:

I was telling SB about the baggage that came with a divorced guy who wanted to date me. "He said, 'I've got two adorable twin boys!'" I related. "I asked, 'How old are they?'" and he said, 'Sixteen!' I couldn't deal with that."

"That could have been so cool!" said SB. "You're hot -- they could have had mad crushes on you!"

So SB is just as Iraqi as the Arabian Knight. He thinks I'm hot, and he was falling all over himself to impress me. ("Shalom Baruch" is actually not a terribly typical name for an Iraqi Jew, but I didn't know he was Iraqi when I met him and coined the nickname, so I'm going to stick with it.)

Unlike the Knight, SB's not a flake. He's got a lot of business experience under his belt; he's a laid-back, risk-taking go-getter type. Total opposite of Ayelet; I'm high-strung, anxious, and risk-averse.

I like that he's so different from me, temperamentally. He also knows how to get things done. When the doctors were telling him that they had to amputate his mother's arthritic leg after her third serious infection in three months, he called a few clients and asked for the best doctors in the city to take her to. Today, she's still got the leg.

So I'm impressed. And pleased that he thinks I'm so hot, funny, adorable, smart, fascinating, etc. It was a great first date, and I'm looking forward to the second.

One funny thing, though, is his disdain for Syrian Jews, whom he considers materialistically judgmental. "They look at you and want to see how much money you make and what car you drive," he said. "I'm not about that."

Of course, Ikey Abadi drives a Porsche. Should make for an interesting contrast.

I think dating two men at once is also going to keep me from leaping into bed with either of them, something I've had problems with in the past. Because I can't be sleeping with two guys at once. That's just gross. So dating both of them will keep me a little more virtuous, not to mention clear-headed.

I also won't be able to rush into anything, because I'll be comparing and contrasting them. I realize that doesn't sound fair to either of them. But given the way I've dated in the past, getting my hopes up so fast and having them shot down faster, I think that this setup might be good for me. It will force me to take things slow with both of them. And that will be better for the ultimate relationship I might develop with one of them.
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  1. I'm impressed.

    And from what little (very little) i know of the Syrian community, SB's disdain is not unfounded.