Friday, May 09, 2008

Ikey likey

"Hello, gorgeous!" he greeted me.

Ikey looks fantastic. He's in amazing shape, occupational hazard of being a personal trainer. I forgot he has blue eyes. And he thinks I look fabulous too -- just as beautiful as I was eight years ago, yet lusciously curvier. I might disagree, but it was great for my ego. (And the truncated Facebook status update of his did, indeed, refer to me.)

"What is it with you and Sephardim?" my friend Alona asked.

"I can't help it if Ashkenazim don't think I'm beautiful," I replied. (Note to Boaz: I know this doesn't include you. I'm talking about most other Ashkenazi guys, who are looking for, as one once confided in Ikey, "A supermodel who studies gemara.")

Ikey and I went out for dinner and had a wonderful time. I really enjoyed his company; he's interesting and fun to talk to, and he thinks I'm brilliant. (Of course, SB called three times while we were out.)

But: I wish Ikey were a little more settled. He doesn't get along with his parents -- not a good sign, although they do sound kind of crazy -- and he moves around a lot. And he's a personal trainer -- not nearly as stable as his previous job. That makes me a little nervous.

Also, Ikey's a Cohen -- which I found out from the restaurant manager, a friend of his, who said, while they were catching up, "How can you afford to travel so much, Ikey? I guess money finds you because you're a Cohen." (If I were Syrian, I would have known that Abadi is a Cohen name.) According to some authorities, Ikey can't marry me. He has to talk to his rabbi. It's a question he's apparently had to pose several times -- I guess Ikey likes bad girls -- and the response has varied.

My sexual activities with non-Jews took place primarily, although not exclusively, while I was hypomanic. That might give me an out. I don't know why, but Sephardic rabbis seem to be a little more lenient on this issue than Ashkenazim. So there's some hope.

Ikey's definitely looking to get married and have kids -- and I'm not so sure about SB. I think we'll have to talk about it on Sunday, when we go to the park. Since I won't have to prepare for my third follow-up interview with Dr. Genuine, I'm a free woman.

I also think I'll have to tell him about my illness. Because Ikey knows about it; I told him. He took it completely in stride -- not put off at all. I have to be with someone who can handle my diagnosis, because not every man can. So I'll talk to SB about it on Sunday.

It would be really ironic (read: my life) if Ikey couldn't be with me because I can't marry a Cohen, and SB dumps me because of my illness. That's sort of what I'm expecting to happen. Of course, if neither of those issues is a problem, and both of them are ready to fall in love with me, get married, and have kids, then I have some hard choices to make. Very soon.
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