Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last supper

Melanie took me out to dinner last night to say thanks. We went to a kosher restaurant in my neighborhood that has great food, terrible service, and no atmosphere. I tend not to go there on dates early in a relationship because it's not romantic, but once the relationship is established, it's a good place to go because the food is fantastic.

We got there pretty early, so the restaurant was fairly empty. It filled up as we ate and chatted. "I'm lucky tonight," I said to Melanie. "I don't see any guys I've gone out with." Then I peered behind her to be certain and... sure enough, there was G. I. Josh.

"Spoke too soon," I told her. "My ex-boyfriend's at the table behind you." She was amused, especially when I told her that despite his fascination with knives, violent video games, and warcraft roleplay fantasy games, he was really more passive-aggressive than aggressive.

I also confessed that I read her blog -- mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa; she forgave me, especially since her blog isn't terribly personal -- and that I have my own. I told her I hadn't been ready to share it with her before, but now I'd like her to see it.

"Why is your gmail address 'helpfordepression'?" she asked.

I told her about the terrible tragedy in my neighborhood almost two years ago, and said, "I'll let you read the blog and find out." Her response should be interesting. She's usually pretty good at reading the people in the office, pinpointing their quirks and issues. I've wondered before if she thought I have OCD or some other kind of issue. I'd like to know how close her horseshoe falls.

I also want to call attention to the recent loss of a truly righteous social worker: Irena Sendler, who saved more than 2,500 Jewish children from the Nazis. She was 98.

The Talmud says that those who perform good deeds attain long life (Yevamot 105a). Poland didn't exactly have the optimal health care system after WWII, nor was it always possible to obtain a nutritious diet there. Living to 98 is rather miraculous under those circumstances. Clearly Irena was rewarded for her bravery -- if she'd been caught, she'd have been killed in a very painful way -- and altruism. Jadwiga, my classmate, should be darn proud.
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