Thursday, May 08, 2008


That's Spanish for "rejected," and I had to look it up, so Dr. Genuine's probably correct in his assessment that I can't do therapy in Spanish. Which I'm pretty sure I told him in the initial interview. For this I rescheduled my therapy session (in English) with my client?

I slumped home and found two messages: SB and Ikey. I called both. SB is out of town on business but said he could call me later tonight. Ikey has recovered from his bout of illness and is very sad he couldn't see me on Monday. He suggested we get together tonight after his dinner plans with friends he hasn't seen in a while (but presumably less than eight years). He made those plans a few weeks ago -- even before I started beating him at Scrabulous.

"Cancel with them," I said boldly. "I'm feeling rejected and sad. I need comfort now."

And he did!! We're having dinner tonight. Stay tuned...
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