Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SB called

He's very excited about the kuuba bamya. A little disappointed that I won't be using hot peppers in the broth, but I can't help it if my people didn't train me to tolerate spicy food. I can barely eat at the kosher Indian restaurants, and I know they bland the food way down for the "gefilte fish," one of the nicknames Sephardim have for Ashkenazim.

My number of posts per month is a rough index of my mood -- as well as how busy I am. When I'm depressed, I only post about 10-15 times a month. When I'm slightly hypomanic, or extremely bored, I can hit upwards of 45. We're only halfway through May and I've already posted more than I did in April.

Good thing I filled my lithium prescription tonight. I have a job interview tomorrow, and since I'm not going to be working for Dr. Genuine, I don't want to blow it. To make sure I sleep more than three hours, I also took a Vitamin K, which I try not to do too often. But the interview's at 9 a.m. sharp, and I need to be sharp, too.
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