Sunday, May 11, 2008

Too small a world

I spent a few hours with SB, trying not to miss Ikey. For a while it was easy. We went for lunch, then strolled through Central Park so he could take pictures. Sometimes he wanted to shoot flowers, and sometimes he wanted to shoot people, which led to conversations like:

"SB, those Brazilians are not posing in the Ramble so you can take their photo."

"Who's asking them to pose, Ayelet?"

Laughter in Portuguese.

"SB, that couple doesn't want you to take their photo right now."

"They're not thinking about me right now. Trust me."

Smooching sounds from the admittedly oblivious couple. I blushed, and SB got his shot.

He's very affectionate, even in public. Loves to hold hands, which Ikey doesn't. But that doesn't mean he's looking to get married. Shimona is convinced he isn't. And Ikey is. Damn twist of fate. I kind of wish I hadn't run across Ikey on Facebook. What good does it do me to have him dance in and out of my life again?

Also, when we went upstairs to my apartment so I could change into something warmer between lunch and the park, SB snooped.

"Why are you taking lithium?" he asked. "Does it get you high?"

Crap -- forgot to hide it. "You weren't supposed to look at anything," I reminded him. "That was the condition of coming up to my apartment."

"I don't mind if you get high on lithium," he protested.

"I don't get high on it," I said. "It's a mood stabilizer. I have bipolar disorder." Not that I wanted to tell him about at this stage, but I guess the lithium was out of the pharmacy bag.

"Really? You seem pretty stable to me," he said.

"Well, I work at it," I said. "I work hard to function well."

He didn't seem curious. I asked if he wanted to see some websites or information about bipolar, and he said, "Nah -- I'll probably just diagnose myself with it."

This is not a good sign. If he were interested in a future with me, he'd be interested in what I bring to the table, good and bad. Lack of interest doesn't bode well. However, it was just a third date, and I hadn't planned on disclosing my illness to him anytime soon. At least he's not put off. And it's not like we're dating exclusively -- I'm open to meeting other guys.

SB told me he became Facebook friends with a girl from Lebanon and described her to me. She looks a lot like me, chubby with lots of dark curly hair, which to an Arab like him is very attractive. So I went on his Friends list to find her. Guess who else I found -- Ikey Abadi.

Small world.
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  1. I don't think he's disinterested. I think he realized that he overstepped his bounds and tried to pass the revelation off as 'no big deal.' As in, he doesn't mind and he's cool with it and not too curious, because he feels bad about snooping.