Friday, June 13, 2008

Accoladed acupuncturist

I'm officially a certified detox acupuncturist. I went to the clinic to complete my training and get the documentation to send to my school, leaving at about 11 a.m. to go to work for half a day. The trainer paid me the ultimate compliment: she asked me to volunteer my time in the clinic on days when they are low on new trainees. I'm that good.

My schedule allows me to put in a few hours on some mornings, since I'm seeing clients in the evenings. I signed up to needle one such morning in the near future, and as I get adjusted to my job -- where they threw five new clients at me today; that's what happens when you're late to team meeting -- I'll be able to manage more clinic days on a semi-regular basis. I'll keep my skills sharp (no pun intended) and the clinic will be well served.

A clinic client gave me another, slightly less appropriate compliment. Sometimes clients come into the clinic, size up the trainees, and pick one to work on them, especially if they have experience with that trainee. I've got a few fans, other trainees have theirs. One middle-aged Latino pointed at me, and, silly me, I thought he remembered how gentle I am with a needle.

After his treatment, though, as I was removing the needles -- again at his request -- he said, "Eres muy bonita, chica." I guess he prefers to work with the pretty acupuncturists.
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