Thursday, June 05, 2008

Acupuncture mastery

I haven't mastered the ancient and highly effective art of acupuncture. However, I've mastered the limited protocol we use to treat substance abuse. I have clients who expressly request that I needle them when other students are also available, and who shake my hand and murmur, "Que Di-s te bendiga" when they leave the room. Today I needled a graduate of the program, who's had hundreds of treatments, and he said, "You got a nice soft touch!"

Unlike psychotherapy, I can orient clients to the protocol and give them a treatment entirely in Spanish. (My first client had to remind me of the word for kidneys, riƱones, but I remembered liver: higado.) This is useful when the only other students in the room can't speak anything but Mandarin, Swedish, and English.

I've written before about the way mastery and competence can elevate mood. Now I have more options. I don't have to create a PowerPoint presentation or edit somebody else's. I can put five needles in the right ear, five needles in the left, and watch a person relax. I'm good at this, and I didn't think I would be. That's a pretty awesome feeling.

I'm almost resigned to having another birthday soon. Between graduation, my new job, and my new skill, I'm pretty happy, even though my knees are killing me. Fortunately, a guy I met who was a week ahead of me in the training program is a licensed acupuncturist, and his office isn't too far from mine. As soon as I'm settled into a routine, I'm going to him for knee therapy and weight loss support.
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