Monday, June 23, 2008

Fishing off the agency dock

The day after I started my job, I processed a client's discharge. I had the impression, gained from one meeting with him, that he was involved with someone, because when I asked -- as part of the discharge planning process -- "Do you have a girlfriend?" he said, emphatically, "Woman. I don't have time to be messin' with no girls. I'm a man."

Oh-kay. He kind of spooked me, maybe because he was so intense. He wanted to be done already with the program and the agency. He made that abundantly clear. He was also very annoyed that I hadn't printed out his certificate of completion -- not my fault, my predecessor should have done it -- so I was relieved the next week when he came in to pick up his certificate and said he wouldn't be back "unless it's to take Miss Ayelet out to dinner."

He's kidding, right? He has a "woman." I said, "Sure -- as long as your woman doesn't mind."

This morning I found a voicemail from this client that he'd left on Friday. Uh-oh. I really didn't want to deal with him, especially if he was mad. I don't know why I was so scared of him -- I usually don't have a problem with clients when they're mad mad. Maybe because he was so impatient to be gone and implied that I, in my ignorance, was forcing him to stick around.

Anyway, I called him back to see what he wanted, and left a message. He called back while I was in the middle of an intake with a new client. Turns out... he wanted to take me out to dinner. "I didn't want to ask you when I picked up the certificate, because the desk clerk was there and he doesn't need to know our business."

Eesh. "I'm so sorry," I told him, "but I can't date clients."

"I'm no longer a client," he pointed out helpfully.

"Actually, I can't date anyone who's ever been a client of the agency," I clarified, blushing. "It's against agency policy." Not to mention the social work code of ethics. (The new client was polite enough to keep his giggles to himself.)

So what is wrong with Jewish men? African-American men apparently find me incredibly desirable. So do Latinos. So do Arabs, for Gd's sake. What the hell is wrong with Jewish men?????

Gd has a nasty sense of humor.
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