Saturday, June 07, 2008

Frumster Forum Friend

I post regularly on the Frumster forums, and a new person who joined, a woman named Yocheved, liked my posts and decided to start weighing in herself. Her posts had a poetic quality because they were written on lines of uneven length. I thought she did that for dramatic effect, but it turned out that she posts from a mobile device and never knows how much space she has on a line.

Anyway, she and I contrived to meet and we chat on the phone from time to time. She's a special, spunky, strong woman, so we get along really well. Yesterday she called to wish me a good Shabbos and to warn me that a man 20 years my senior -- call him "Nudnik" -- had inveighed against both of us in the forum topic "Expressing Yourself." Curious, I logged on:

How to express oneself?

Well one way according to one of your most verbose correspondents it is to have an opinion on every single subject posted on Forum and reply in the form of an avalanche of religious platitudes more suited for a synagogue pulpit than an informal forum.

The other way for another regular female contributor is to be provocative and antagonistic at every opportunity.

Are we to believe that these kinds of correspondence are the most efficacious way to attract the opposite sex? I DON'T THINK SO!

In case you're wondering, the first diatribe refers to her, the second to me. Yocheved posted:

To Nudnik: as for your attacks on individuals and their respective
freedom of speech I can only say
that "something is seriously wrong with this (your) courts
interpretation of the constitution."
Hatzlacha in finding someone with no opinion and no thought processes of their own and G-D
forbid that they should be in possession of a Jewish soul replete
with its "platitudes"
I suggest that you hurry to deliver your next attack as I am
leaving Frumster at the end of this month (nothing personal I have a book to write IY'H)
and I wouldn't want you to be in mid diatribe with no answer as that would be bad for your shidduchim.
Now with that said:
Know that there is a "lid for every kettle" and yours IS out there
& I bench you to find her soon.

I liked what she said, but you know me -- I have to have my say too:

Funny how threatened some men are by women who speak their minds.

If such men -- many of whom belong to an earlier generation -- find such women unattractive, it must be a tremendous relief to the women, who won't have to worry about rebuffing any unwanted advances.

I didn't think Frumster would post it, but they did.
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