Sunday, June 08, 2008

It gets better

Apparently Nudnik thought he'd try to have the last word:

I cast my bread upon the waters, and lo and behold what a catch!
And at the first attempt as well!

Yocheved: I wonder do you speak to your Medical [sic.] Practioner [sic.] or your Bank [sic.] Manager [sic.],
in the same way you have expressed yourself to me and the countless other correspondents on the forum?
Is every encounter for you a chance to evangelise [sic.]?

And to dear old Ayelet,

As William Shakespear [sic.] once wrote,

"Me thinks [sic.] the lady doth protest too much"

Chag Somayach & Good Yom Tov

Can't let that go unanswered. I doubted they'd print it, but responded nevertheless:

Actually, Nudnik, the correct quote is, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." Furthermore, it's meant ironically, because the line is spoken by Gertrude, whose conscience is meant to be piqued by the play-within-a-play. (Along with Claudius' conscience, of course.)

But leaving that aside... for a long time, I've had a strong sense that men two decades my senior were inappropriate matches for me -- that we simply couldn't understand each other and get along. I am very grateful to you for proving that truth beyond all contradiction.

Even if you throw utter nonsense upon the water... somehow the right message comes out.

Amazingly, they posted it uncut.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"

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