Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Please don't leave, Ayelet!"

Things are busy at work. Right now I have a caseload of 31 clients, all of whom (well, most of whom) I met within the past week. I'm learning a bunch of new procedures and policies while trying to remember 31 names and faces -- more if you count the other employees. (Part of the reason I haven't been blogging much lately. I'm too busy finding all 9 trillion forms that are used on 9 trillion occasions, tracking down errant files, signing clients up for groups, and remembering to do my boring but essential billing statements.)

Things aren't supposed to be this busy. But someone quit two days before I started, and someone else quit two days ago. The remaining counselors and I are picking up a lot of slack and cleaning up other people's messes.

And that's fine. It's hectic and confusing, and I've made a bunch of minor-to-medium mistakes, but everyone pretty much expects me to make mistakes because I was totally thrown into the maelstrom. They just don't want me to quit.

They really don't want me to quit. During case conference, when more and more unfinished business was coming to light, and we were realizing just how messy the departed colleagues had left things, one of the other counselors leaned across the table and said to me, "We're all thinking, 'Please don't leave, Ayelet!'"

Which is nice to hear. In fact, the director of the whole agency, Derek, whose office is at our location (or maybe he has an office in every location; I'm not sure) took the time to ask me how I was doing and was I feeling anxious about my job security (I wasn't) or over-burdened (just a little). I told him Derek felt fine, and that I would probably be making a fair number of mistakes as I adjusted to the place, but I like the clients and I like the other employees. He said that was only fair.

Derek visited case conference, too, to boost morale and reassure everyone that no one else is being terminated or planning to leave, including me. He asked me if I needed anything.

"Well, my computer's really slow," I said.

"Get her a new computer!" Derek said immediately.

I should have asked for a company cell phone.
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