Friday, June 06, 2008

Should I tell him how unattractive this is?

I logged onto a dating website and saw that someone eight years my junior had looked at my profile. Curious, I looked at his. This is what he seeks:

A girl who is pretty, smart, and wants to get married. Please have a picture on profile. Due to my work schedule can't spend much time on line serching [sic.]. So don't hesitate to write me, may be [sic.] we [sic.] ment [sic.] to be togather [sic.]. Please note, do not contact me if you are old or divorced.


Today was my second-to-last day at the acupuncture clinic. I go back next Friday to finish, and my job starts on Wednesday. It' s been a really nice day. I decided to try the acupressure beads again, and today they're working with me, not against me. Maybe because my job stress is dramatically lessened -- who knows. But I feel good.

I also sucked up to the beta acupuncturist in a big way, so now she likes me again. It wasn't hard; I focused on what I've learned from her, which is actually quite a lot. I also went out for a vegan lunch with my acupuncture study buddies and we had a terrific time.

I'm feeling good. I feel lucky to have taken this training, and gotten my job, and gone to my school -- despite the internship department. My life feels like it's falling into place.
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