Saturday, July 12, 2008

Acupuncture anxiety

"Miss Ayelet, you buggin' out on me!"

So spoke my client -- my sixth but not last of the day -- on Thursday afternoon. I was dithering. I couldn't think straight. I put a box on my chair and then tried to sit on it. I couldn't remember anything about him (which offended him greatly -- he's rather a narcissist and likes to think I remember everything that he says in our sessions).

Having to facilitate group anger management therapy that evening was torture, especially since they'd been so rambunctious last week. They were more decorous this week, but not especially appreciative of the material, which was frustrating for me. I feel like my clients are really missing out right now, I just don't know enough about what I'm supposed to be doing.

Earlier that day, I wrote down everything about myself on three sheets of detailed paper for my friend the acupuncturist, whom I met while doing my acupuncture detox training. His office is near my office, and his rates are very reasonable. After he went over every personal detail of my body and my life -- the color and frequency of my periods, the consistency of my bowel movements, all my various injuries and ailments -- he stuck needles in my knees and various other points, to heal my injuries and help me lose weight. The knees felt better, but my nerves were jangled all day, which made being a therapist incredibly difficult.

I can't imagine that knee treatment would attack my nerves, so it must have been the weight loss points. I didn't feel like eating anything, but that's not healthy either. Today I put some acupressure beads on a point on each ear to soothe my spirit, which seems to have helped a little. Next week I think I'll pass on the weight loss points.
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