Thursday, July 31, 2008

First thing we do, let's kill all the psychologists

Psychologists, unlike psychiatrists, have not shied away from participating in the War on Terror. According to,

As the New York Times reported: "Pentagon officials said . . . they would try to use only psychologists, not psychiatrists, to help interrogators devise strategies to get information from detainees at places like Guantánamo Bay, Cuba."

The new policy follows by little more than two weeks an overwhelming vote by the American Psychiatric Association discouraging its members from participating in those efforts. Stephen Behnke, director of ethics for the counterpart group for psychologists, the American Psychological Association, said psychologists knew not to participate in activities that harmed detainees. But he also said the group believed that helping military interrogators made a valuable contribution because it was 'part of an effort to prevent terrorism.'

In contrast to the American Psychological Association's position, the American Psychiatric Association voted overwhelmingly to discourage its members from participating in any interrogation activities:

"No psychiatrist should participate directly in the interrogation of persons held in custody by military or civilian investigative or law enforcement authorities, whether in the United States or elsewhere. Direct participation includes being present in the interrogation room, asking or suggesting questions, or advising authorities on the use of specific techniques of interrogation with particular detainees."

This policy was based on a tradition of medical ethics reaching back to the Hippocratic oath and its fundamental principle to do no harm. Similarly, the AMA adopted a prohibition: "Physicians must not conduct, directly participate in, or monitor an interrogation with an intent to intervene, because this undermines the physician's role as healer."

So the psychologists who teach or studied at The Bad Place -- Dr. Jerk, Dr. Freud, Dr. Dragon, Dr. Octopussy, Dr. Arnold, and Dr. Incompetent -- were the rule, not the exception! Do you need any more proof that psychologists are evil and unethical? Thank Gd I'm a social worker!!!

I'd write more, but I'm afraid that three blog posts in one day is a symptom of hypomania.
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  1. On behalf of all psychologists, thank you for that lovely sentiment. :)

  2. you shoulda gone to social work school....