Friday, July 04, 2008

I so don't deserve her.

Bless her generous heart, Dr. Meander got back to me virtually immediately.

Hi Ayelet,

Your situation sounds unrelentingly frustrating and my heart goes out to you. I do want to be of help to you. I am writing to you from [another state] on vacation. I'll be back the week of July 14, please give me a call and maybe we could set up a time to meet and talk. My number is 212 xxx-xxxx, my cell is 917 xxx-xxxx. I could meet with you at my office or we could talk by phone. Have a good 4th.

I feel enormously guilty for having judged her so harshly and quickly -- and wrongly. She wrote back to me while on vacation, and she gave me her cell phone number!

Dear Dr. M.,

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you responding to me when you should be sunning and enjoying yourself! Most of my job is really fun and interesting, and I get along well with most of my clients -- it's just this group that's driving me up a wall. My work schedule is hectic, but I'll give you my hours, and I'll call you after July 14 to set up a meeting. You can let me know what works for you. My office is close to all the subway lines (A/C/F/2/3/4/5), so I can meet you at your office within about 30 minutes before or after I have to be at work.

I really want to live up to this challenge and not surrender to it, and I need all the help I can get. I'm very glad you offered yours.
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