Sunday, July 06, 2008

Good morning, kneeache

These past few damp days in NYC have been murder on my knees. I've been swigging a lot more tramadol and ibuprofin than usual, but I'm still in a great amount of pain. Which wakes me up (and keeps me up) at about 3 a.m.

There's not a lot to do in my apartment at 3 a.m. Even if I were inspired to clean, which I'm usually not, I can't because it would probably wake up my neighbors. I've read all of my fun books, and at 3 a.m. I'm rarely in the mood to read about psychology or social work.

So usually I go online, and lately I've been doing a little shopping. When I say "little," I mean less than $250 since June 30:

* a skirt from Petite Sophisticate, $16.44 (including s/h)
* 2 dresses and a skirt from Target, $50.47 (free s/h after $50)
* a webkinz for Oedipus' birthday, $11.90 ($5.95 for the black lab, $5.95 s/h)
* acupuncture needles and acupressure beads, $56.35 (including tax & s/h)
* 3 tops and 2 dresses from Chadwick's, $61.45 ($35 dress for $17.49!)
* shirt from Classic Closeouts, $8.99 (free s/h for July 4th)
* Dan Savage's latest book for $1.40, used ($3.99 s/h)

All of my bills are paid, and I've finally got an income. So I'm not too worried about this little shopping spree, because the sums aren't large and I really do need more work clothing, after more than two years out of the work force and much weight gained. But part of me wonders if the shopping and my recent irritability are due to a resurgence of hypomania. Fortunately, I see Dr. Roda in two weeks.

Internet shopping is great because it doesn't require me to try clothing on in front of three-sided mirrors. The problem with internet shopping, however, is the delayed gratification. Because I tend to shop in bursts, I'm impatiently waiting for a bunch of things to arrive and I don't have anything new to enjoy. There's not much good shopping in the district where I work, so I can't really shop on my lunch hour.

I'm going to try to get some acupressure for my knees when my favorite Chinese massage place opens in a few hours. On the way there or back, I might look around, but shopping on the Upper West Side is getting much to rich for my blood. I miss working in the financial district, which had fantastic shopping. It made my boring job there almost bearable for five years.
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  1. I love internet shopping. What I really enjoy is the anticipation of something coming by post, of coming home and finding a box waiting for you on your doorstep. I also like the fact that you don't have to shlep to stores to find what you want, although the flip side of that is shipping costs. Recently, I've bought a few items online (more necessities than impulse buys, but anyway):

    -A behind-the-head pair of headphones, for running outside, because my other pair crapped out, from, $13.99 w/ shipping;

    - 3 boxes of Oh Yeah! protein wafer bars (2 chocolate and one vanilla peanut butter), from, $36.95 with shipping;

    - 12 Catchmaster glue boards, for catching the crickets in my basement ( I know, yuck), $11.50 from

    - And an HP desktop computer system, (basic model, 1g hard drive, no monitor) from, after my other one crapped out- $325 with tax and shipping.

    Yay inernet shopping!