Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jewish. Men. SUCK.

A Jewish stand-up comedian who's one of my Facebook friends has a few videos posted on Facebook. Let's call him "Lame-O." Part of his routine is complaining about being single, dating, and how tough it is to set up his female friends, because his male friends want to know why he isn't dating them. So he says, "I have to say, 'Oh, I'm only into ugly, awkward chicks.'" It's a pretty funny bit. So I wrote on his wall:

just saw your Craig Ferguson video -- I'm ugly and awkward, why haven't you asked me out? ;)

He responded:

Thanks for watching it! You are probably to [sic.] sane to go with me anyway.

Dude. Give me a CHANCE!

I'm a substance abuse therapist. Insanity is my bread & butter.

No response. Is it any wonder the guy's still single?

Meanwhile, a guy from WALES has been pursuing me. Not Jewish, of course, but if he ever comes to NYC we're going to have coffee so I can listen to his accent.
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  1. How do all these foreign guys find you? I understand the concept of the internet, but how are they happening davka on your profile? Is it some sort of obscure mutual interest?

  2. I have NO idea. It could be through Sparkey, which I've opted out of again, as the only person I dated from it was SB and we all know how well that went.