Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sad blast from the past

A few years ago I mistakenly posted a serious personal ad on craigslist and got nothing but sexual come-ons. Recently I received this message:

Hello 'Ayelet' - Well here's an odd lil' homage to the permanence of electronic communication.

I just came across a long series of emails that you and I exchanged some four YEARS ago. (An excerpt is below). At the time, you were, it seems, disillusioned with the caliber and quality of the frum men whose acquaintance you were making, and seemed very eager to meet someone of substance.

Very curious to hear if your prayers were ever answered...

I didn't want to write back and say, "No, they haven't been." It's so depressing. I've been dating for more than a decade, and I have nothing to show for it but a series of heartbreaks, rejections, disses, and losers. Not to mention the men that made plans and then stood me up.

Here's the excerpt:

Subject: I am *NOT* the bochur for you...(Craig's List)

...in no small part because I am definitely not tachlis oriented at this point in life, and, I'm perhaps ashamed to say, am so far removed from considering anything serious that I'd be more apt to go for the very things you cite and despise than
anything legit or kosher.

I *AM* however curious about one thing...forget the responses from goyim or (lehavdil) chilonim who make 'indecent proposals'...I'm curious to know how many ostensibly FRUM guys proffer such suggestions. Is it common? Do you get pics from Haredim with their hats on and their tzitzis flying in the wind...sans pants?

I'm very curious to know how semi-anonymous venues like Craig's List have penetrated the insulating wall of the frum community... Adam

Hi Adam,

I get plenty of obnoxious indecent proposals from allegedly frum guys. One asked me about my body and what kind of sex acts I like. Others said things like "I'm da rebbe and we can make lots of mamzerim." It can get pretty gross.


Do you think they were legitimately frum, or perhaps guys who are off the derech...or knowledgeable Jews who know the lingo but were never really observant?


They were on the derech. Just sleazy. You'd be surprised how many guys like that are out there. This is another message I just got:

no................u ve been around a long time we all know to stay away from you

Is it any wonder I've given up hope?
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