Monday, July 28, 2008

What the F@*% is wrong with Jewish guys?!

I slept great last night, no terminal insomnia, so I can't possibly be depressed. Of course, I inserted an acupuncture point into my yintang or "third eye" -- the point between my eyebrows -- for about 20 minutes, which Spike taught me calms the spirit and aids sleep. And I did take one tiny clonazepan.

I woke up to a message from a random stranger on Facebook. He's from Great Britain, has a high school education, and, most relevantly, isn't Jewish. I have no idea how he found me, but this is what he wrote:

Soz i think your gorgeous beautiful and all that is pretty x x

Why don't random Jewish guys ever write that to me? A few months ago a guy from Gibraltar started offering to leave the Church and become Jewish so we could be together, because I was so beautiful and smart and funny. What is wrong with Jewish guys?
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