Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy blogiversary

Tomorrow marks two years I've been writing this blog. In honor of this momentous occasion, I've reopened it to the public. I believe that's safe because the evil psychologists at The Bad Place don't know where I went to school or where I work, so they can't cause trouble for me. And I don't include any identifying information about my current clients or agency. Except Iceman's nickname, and that's not a matter of public record.

Last year I wrote,

A year ago, my knees were fine, I was looking forward to starting school at The Bad Place, and I was hoping to lose some weight. I had yet to meet Dr. Jerk, Dr. Dragon, Miss Thing, or Dean Evillene. I hadn't gone out with the Very Young Guy, the Big Fat Liar, Brooklyn Accountant, Brooklyn Lawyuh, the Arabian Knight, Hude, or Little Marty. I also thought I'd have more than 23 blog readers.

Since then I've graduated, gotten a job, and had more frustrating relationships with men, including Captain Best Effort, Ikey Abadi, and SB. It seems there's not a single, frum man out there who's currently willing to give me a fraction of the validation and respect that I get from my wonderful married male friends, Boaz and Dov.

I hope this is my year. I hope I start achieving my professional goals, I hope my knees recover, I hope I fall in love. I don't think that's too much to ask for. Going by my track record, however, it might be.
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