Saturday, August 02, 2008

"Hottie at 11 o'clock"

Went to a different minyan with Shuli & Co. Nice davening, not too many people there, including my friend Shaliach and a totally hot guy, whom I called to Shuli's attention right before the Torah reading. (When she asked if I knew anyone else, I told her that years ago, I slept with the guy who davened Shacharit, who was there with his wife and kids. Small world.)

At kiddush afterwards, Baruch fell asleep on my neck and I walked over to Shaliach, who was chatting with the hot guy -- let's call him Chatich.

"Good Shabbos, Shaliach," I said. He responded and introduced us.

"Wow -- sleeping like a baby," said Chatich. "Wish I could sleep that well."

I didn't have a witty rejoinder, but later, I realized I could help this guy. Not by snuggling him next to my skin, letting him hear my heartbeat, and humming -- which is how I hypnotize Baruch -- but with acupuncture. So I sent an email to Shaliach:

Hey -- wanted to let your friend Chatich know that I'm not just good at putting babies to sleep, I'm also good at helping adults sleep. But with acupuncture, not snuggling and skin contact and my heartbeat. Let me know if he'd like to know more.

Who knows...
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