Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More married men

Don't worry -- I have two new married male friends, but they're not lusting after me in any way. At least I don't think so. One of them is a guy who used to message me on a dating website but never actually asked me out. After he got married, Shimshon friended me on Facebook. He works near my office, so we met for lunch on Monday.

It was fun. Emails never really prepare you for how a person is in real life. It was nice just to hang out and get to know a new person, and talk about how frustrating dating is. Unfortunately, none of Shimshon's friends seem ready, willing, or able to get married, so he doesn't have anyone to set me up with, but it's always good to have another friend in the neighborhood.

The other friend is a cousin-in-law of my sister, Chananya. I met him at her wedding and saw him at various family events from time to time. He's a very creative, verbal person, like me, so we've always had a good rapport. I recently decided to show Chananya this blog, and he was very supportive (albeit shocked at Jerusha's depredations). And I'm going to look at his novel. Chananya doesn't really know any eligible guys for me either, but you never know.
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