Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My target demographic

I let my Frumster membership lapse because I wasn't getting responses from men I found interesting. Then I got two emails from someone in my target demographic: Sephardic and 10 years my junior. So I re-upped and read them. One was just a missed IM. The other:

How are you?
hope all is well, please look at my profile and let me know if you want to correspond.

Young Sephardi (YS)

Okay. I looked at his profile and he seemed decent. Works in computers. He did grow up in Israel, which usually scares me, but I decided to keep an open mind. He didn't have that much to say about himself or the girl he's looking for, but as a computer geek whose first language isn't English, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. His picture was password-protected, though.

Hi YS,

You seem like a nice guy. What is your photo password?

He sent it to me, and he's cute. Very cute. Fortunately not my toxic type.

so, tell me a little bit about u,

he wrote.

where do u live in the city? what do u do?
and..... i LOVE ur picture, u are very cute.

Not afraid to tell me how cute I am. I like that in a guy.

Well, I live on the Upper West Side. I work as a substance abuse counselor. It's challenging but I really love my job. No day is ever the same, and my clients are so hilarious. Usually without even trying to be ;)

I like your pics too ;) What kind of Sephardi are you? I really love Sephardim. They really know how to have a good time, they have such instinctive ahavat yisrael, and they have the BEST food.

This time he wrote me a real response.

ur work sound interested, lol :)
and u sound interested and so cute.

so i was born in Brazil, but when i was young we moved to Israel, and i grew up over there all my life until 4 years ago (moved to the states), i am Sepharadic, half from Spain and half from Syria, cute to hear that u love Sepharadim :) and yes, i know how to have good time, and... regarding the food, i know.... we do have the BEST food (better than gefilte fish..) lol

so, i will give you a mission, a small one :), what about dinner that... YOU will cook for me Sepharadic dinner (just a small one, but sepharadic, not too much spicy :), have u ever try? or u going to try first time for me :)

i will be out of town until Wednesday after noon, not will be able to see ur messages, but if you want, u can leave me ur number, and i will call u tomorrow afternoon, let's try to meet this Wednesday or Thursday night.

Have a great day, YS

Sigh. One of the problems in dating very young men is raising them to be men. I went through this with Facebook Guy.

Honey, you're very cute... but I don't cook for men until we've been dating a few months. You have to EARN that ;)

[I think that makes my point, in a nice way.]

I don't use too much spice, but I love cumin. Syrians are cool. Do you live in Flatbush? ;)

I like gefilte fish, but I was raised on it, so I know it's not for everyone. I promise not to cook that for the first meal I make you. Thursday night works for me, my # is 212-xxx-xxxx.

Have a nice day and enjoy your trip!

He's read that but hasn't responded. I guess I'll hear tonight if he's still interested.
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