Sunday, August 17, 2008


Went to a great bridal shower today, for my sweet friend Ruth. She was glowing, which was nice to see; between studying for the licensing exam and planning her wedding, she's been totally stressed out lately. Plenty of food, really awesome champagne punch -- if I had to take one of the 15 urine tests I'll administer tomorrow, I'd be so positive. I almost managed not to feel jealous.

But not quite. One of the other guests and I decided that there should be showers for single women. Why should brides and expectant mothers get all the presents? Although I must say I'm impressed that Ruth gave all the guests a little sports purse and a heart-shaped ring holder. Favors. Classy.

I liked Ruth's friends. Well, most of them -- one seemed kind of snobbish, so I ignored her. But the rest were cool. And we decided that Ruth needs a bachelorette party -- blow off a little steam and really cut loose before the big "I-do". Since I have too much time on my hands, I offered to organize it -- another example of the selfish joy of giving I hope to experience by knocking myself out on others' behalf.

Now I have to get one of those fake tiaras with veils, ask Ruth to name a day and time, make an eVite, choose a venue (I'm leaning toward Hogs 'n' Heifers), and invite her closest friends. Hopefully we can get a critical mass together -- the wedding's just 4 weeks away.

I wonder if anyone will ever do this for me. The shower, the bachelorette party, the wedding.

I did decide, however, to do something about the guys who expressed interest in me yesterday. I rode home from the shower with a friend from social work school, and after discussing the bride and groom's romantic meeting, proposal, etc., the conversation turned to our own romantic lives, or lacks thereof.

"Lately, it seems like the only guys who pay me any attention are either married or more than 10 years younger than I am," I griped.

"Well, stay away from the married guys," she said. "But you look 23 -- so if a 23-year-old thinks you're awesome, go for it!"

In fact, a 23-year-old told me I was awesome just last night on Facebook. I met him at the Nachamu lunch, and the first thing he said to me was, "Hello -- you're so pretty!" About 30 seconds after I Friended him Saturday night, he IMed me and we chatted a bit.

So when I got home from the shower today, I issued a challenge:

Subject: so if I'm awesome....

...when are we going out?

xoxoxo Ayelet

Stay tuned. I know it's against The Rules, but I don't seem to be able to get men to ask me out unless I tell them to.

I'm also going to the bangitout tu b'av party. I'm wary of going -- that's where I met RD-SOB -- but I need to get out more.
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  1. I have personally spent probably a couple grand on engagement gifts, shower presents, wishing well gifts, wedding presents, presents because the bride glanced to the left, whatever, you name it. Not one has been reciprocated, since I am single. And since many of these women dropped their single friends when they got married, I will not be given the same consideration in return. It definitely bothers me. I feel like I was used for gifts. I would love to have a party to celebrate whatever (like Carrie did on the SATC)and be acknowledged for who I am and what I have achieved, despite not having accomplished the biggest coup d'etat in the religious world - snagging a husband.