Sunday, August 24, 2008

Worst compliment EVER

"Your eyes are so beautiful, so dark... like shit."

I went to the salon for a pedicure and met up with Alona's fashionista cousin Shaindy. Originally from Brooklyn, transplanted here a few years ago. She and I live about a block apart, move in the same circles, and go to a lot of the same parties. She was sitting in one of the other pedicure chairs when I walked in and chose a color. We ended up trading dating stories -- turns out she went out with RD-SOB after I did.

"He's not a bad guy," she said. "He's a really good father."

"He better hope no man ever treats his daughters the way he treated me," I said. "That would be a karmic bitch."

"I can top that," she said, and unfurled the abovementioned "compliment." Which apparently was paid to her on a date. By a guy who actually thought he'd get a second date.

I also met the lovely and brave Christa, another blogger in another pedicure chair. After Shaindy shared her "compliment," I said, "Well, that's going on the blog."

"Oh, you have a blog too?" asked Christa. We exchanged URLs. Click here to check her out. She blogs under her own name -- I'm impressed.
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  1. My mouth is hanging open in shock. I can't believe anyone would actually say that!

  2. Did he mean it as a joke? Bizarre.

    "Your hair is as lustrous as vomit"

    Yeah, that'll charm 'em.