Thursday, September 25, 2008

I wonder how that's going to go

The Bad Place still sends me announcements from time to time. I stay on their mailing list because I plan to send everyone on it a book announcement if I ever publish this blog.

This week's topic: "The Role of Emotion in Psychotherapy"

Speaker: Robert L. Leahy.

Two years ago, Dr. Leahy elicited a disclosure about my worries over what seemed to be impending knee surgery -- and the evil psychologists at The Bad Place bludgeoned me for that, saying I had "loose boundaries."

So this year, what's he going to say, and how will they respond? That psychotherapists aren't allowed to have emotions? That programs are allowed to badger and harass their own students who do have emotions? Gd help any student who speaks up at this lecture.
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