Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Instant bitch: Just add water

It's becoming apparent to me that I have a lot of anger about my status as a single woman. That was demonstrated on the SawyouatSinai Labor Day singles weekend, when I was as sarcastic and nasty as a hungry rattlesnake. Even my friends were occasionally startled by my vitriol, and I'm quite sure that any guy within hailing distance found it quite unattractive.

I just can't help feeling it's so unfair, for me and so many others, that we have to keep auditioning and putting ourselves out there for rejection. I'm beyond sick and bitter. I don't even feel like blogging about the weekend, although there were ups as well as downs and many amusing moments.

For example: Never sit last on a banana boat. Not the kind Harry Belafonte sang about -- it's a long straight tube filled with air that gets pulled by a motorboat. Kind of a cross between water-skiing and rafting. I was sitting at the end, and the guy in front of me was bouncing up and down. Anyone who's studied physics can tell you that the end of a chain collects the most energy. When the motorboat pulling us made a sharp turn, I flew off the end of the boat. They didn't see me fall, so I had to swim into shore.
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  1. FWIW, you looked fantastic. I saw that pic on facebook. I guess you could say I saw you at saw you at sinai...

    Ugh. I'm sure that's been done to death, too.