Saturday, September 27, 2008

Please daven for Shmuel Baruch ben Golda

A friend of mine on Facebook wished all of his single friends a shana tova that includes getting married. He asked me to daven for him. I would, but I suspect that Gd either ignores my prayers entirely or contrives to give me the opposite of what I want. So I don't want to jinx him, too. Instead, I'm asking you, dear readers, to please daven for Shmuel Baruch ben Golda to find a shidduch. You can daven for me, too, but don't be surprised if your prayers aren't answered.
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  1. I'll daven for you, too.

    Hope this is a year of continued professional success, peace and contentment, and yes, one in which you find your bashert.

    Shana Tova

  2. I can't help but echo Riva's heartfelt bracha. (That's why she gets the big bucks :) )

    I'll just add my thanks and appreciation for all your help this year, and every year. Your insight, your patience, and your unflagging support.

    May we all share many happy occasions together, this year, and every year, in good health and with every material and spiritual blessing.

    Love you!