Friday, September 05, 2008

Run down and put upon

Yesterday I felt every stick as Spike needled me, and wound up with a few bruises, which is rare.

"Wow," he said. "You've got so much stagnated qi. I've never seen you so run down."

What does this tell me? That I'm too darn old for singles weekends. People with bipolar disorder need regular schedules. When we don't have regular sleep and activity, it has a terrible effect on our mood. I've been functioning at a very minimal level this week, mildly depressed.

When I'm depressed, I can barely write progress notes, let alone blog posts, and I'm not as good a therapist. In fact, sometimes I feel like a pretty bad therapist. All day Tuesday and Wednesday I felt terribly put upon by my clients, who just seemed too damn needy.

"Why are all these people telling me all their problems?" I thought to myself. "Oh yeah... that's my job."

I plan to sleep most of Shabbat. And Sunday I'll be spending a few hours with Baruch, since his parents haven't had a real date since he was born. I should be back to normal by next week, and I'll update you on my date with yet another Iraqi.
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