Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ending the chagim with a bang

I was hit by a car Monday night. On my way to shul. I was crossing the street -- IN the crosswalk, WITH the light -- and a car made a turn and smacked into me.

Fortunately, a cute Hatzolah guy and two homely EMTs in an ambulance were right there. The car that hit me stopped for a little while but then drove off, and no one noted his license plate number, so I don't expect the driver will suffer any consequences.

Some other girls on their way to shul said they'd tell the friend I was supposed to meet what happened. I was strapped to a board, bundled into the ambulance, and taken to the ER, where every person over 65 in my area had apparently decided to have a heart attack.

At least they gave me some Percocet fairly quickly. I was X-rayed and supposedly there's nothing seriously broken or dislocated. They gave me a prescription for more Percocet, but I only used it on Tuesday. Today I'm ibuprofin-only. Stiff and sore, with a bright purple bruise right over my tailbone, but mostly okay.

I was very angry in the ER -- I had time to be; the doctors and nurses were preoccupied with the 5,000 or so middle-aged myocardial infarctions. I cried a lot. Apparently Spike's teacher was right. Crying releases a lot of bad chi, because my mood these past 2 days has been pretty good.

I was furious that night -- it honestly felt like Gd saying, "Fuck you, Ayelet." And I cried about the fact that the driver left the scene, so I wouldn't be able to sue him. But one of the civilians in the ER was a Hatzolah guy who took me to the ER the year I had a seizure on Yom Kippur. I don't know what he was doing there, but he gave me money to take a cab home.

When I woke up Tuesday morning, even though I was in a significant amount of physical pain, my mood was a lot better. I went to Shuli's and learned that Baruch hasn't forgotten me, as I was worried he might have, given my hibernation habits of the past month or so. He smiled when I came in and reached for me, even though his dad was holding him -- that's a new trick, stretching out his arms to be picked up. Baruch definitely still loves Aunt Ayelet. Shuli and her family were kind enough to let me stay for lunch.

Today I went to shul and benched gomel -- said a prayer during the Torah reading to thank Gd for getting me through a dangerous situation. I guess I'm thankful, because I honestly feel a lot better. More emotionally so than physically, but still.

It has pleased Gd to send me far more than the usual share of physical pain in this life, to say nothing of emotional pain. I'm not being melodramatic by stating this; I've had numerous physical health problems, including horrible sinus surgery, many years of chronic lower back pain, terrible gums and painful dental surgeries, twin knee blowouts, and now this.

Tradition has it that the physical pain you endure in this world is counted against the torment you suffer in the afterlife before achieving true redemption and reconciliation with Gd. You go through a limited amount of purgatory, which Jews call gehinnom, and then move straight into paradise, or olam habah -- the world to come. As far as I'm concerned, I should skip gehinnom and go straight to heaven.

And I'm really glad the holidays are over. Really, really glad it's almost Cheshvan.
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  1. Wow! - so glad you're OK. S & I are thinking of you.

  2. Chickita! I'm sorry to hear you got hit by a car and the whole hospital ordeal. But I'm glad to hear that all you suffered (physically) was bruises and hope that by now you are no longer shaken up. Feel well!