Monday, November 03, 2008

OR maybe he's just busy

Still don't feel like describing the worst day ever, but I'll update you on NHNT. He finally responded to my flirty comment about his photos:

sure i'd love to see you in person if u like. when are u around?

I told him my availability (I work late 2 nights a week). Silence. For hours. Days -- Saturday night, all day Sunday. While he was on the site. Obviously chatting with younger, prettier, nicer women.

Early Monday morning he finally wrote back:

of those days monday works best
where do u live around?

Haven't we been over that? I reminded him. No response -- even though he is currently on the site. The big question is, do I let him make plans for tonight if he contacts me later today, or am I "busy"? Because I can't see him next Monday night, I've already got plans.

Maybe he'll take care of that problem for me and just not respond. Have I mentioned how much I hate dating?
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  1. I think whoever designed these dating sites should not have set them up so that you can see who is online or not--that is a form of torture in my opinion!

    A lot of these guys you describe sound like they are players, not approaching dating seriously. If a guy can't commit to a date he can't commit to marriage!

    Yes if he contacts you today you are absolutely not available.

  2. I agree with Riva - not worth your time. Sounds like he's trying to make a date with someone else for Monday and holding you in reserve as a backup or something. You deserve much better.

  3. "Obviously chatting with younger, prettier, nicer women."

    That's a bit of self-defeating hyperbole and you know it.

    I mean, it makes for good reading, but don't make the mistake of going there. You're too smart to do that.

    Although, now that you mention it, I do it, too. But at least I recognize it.

    Never mind :)

  4. I'm not digging this guy. If you want to go out with him because you are bored, fine. But he needs to show signs that he is interested in you before you become interested in him. Don't let the wagon get ahead of the horses.