Thursday, November 27, 2008

Severely dysthymic

So far, Thanksgiving is okay. But I'm not.

I went to Jerusha's. I'm still there. She's being cordial, although she keeps disappearing to take long drives by herself. And I'm not really enjoying being with the kids. I'm not in a full-blown depression, but I'm dysthymic. Which probably means I'm feeling sorry for myself and not working hard enough on my mental health.

I just don't feel like doing anything, or talking, or being with the kids. I'm sad. Strangely, I've felt better at work -- that's more distracting. I think I'm good at my job. My depressed clients are following up with my suggestions and getting less depressed. At the end of relapse prevention group this week, I had the participants go around the circle saying what they were thankful for. Clarice thought that was a brilliant clinical move. I'm so lucky she's my supervisor now.

There you go. I knew I had to be thankful for something.
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