Sunday, November 30, 2008


Jerusha and I are both still alive, so I guess it was a successful Thanksgiving. I'm not feeling all that grateful these days, although I should. I have a job. I'm not completely crippled. I have friends.

I rejoined Frumster because someone wrote to me, and I couldn't see the message without paying up. At least I held out until they offered the $7.95/month rate. Now I'm annoyed because I think he's patronizing me. Or trying to. Call him Dr. Condescending.

DC asked me if I considered myself a "feminist." I said I didn't, and I don't think I do, but he made it sound like he was asking whether I considered myself a fascist. Then I told him I thought it was inconsistent that he'd consider dating someone five (or more) years his junior but found it "weird" and "kind of creepy" when contacted by women five years than he is.

"You're a feminist!" DC trumpeted.

I don't think I want to go out with him. Especially since he hasn't gone out with anyone since his divorce 2 years ago. I just don't want to be the starter date for divorced guys anymore. I've gone out with several of them, and it's never gone anywhere. And sometimes I've been hurt, like by RD-SOB.

And here's another wonderful example of why there's a singles crisis. Mr. Arrogant, M.S. He has a master's degree and works in the medical "feild." His self-description:

I am someone trying to scout this site to determine if its worth the time of day for someone a sbusy and accomplished as myself. I have lots of girls to go out with but Im looking for something very special

One master's degree and he thinks he's "accomplished." Despite beating women off with a stick, he's still looking for?

I am looking for an atomic bomb some one really nice good pretty with a great personality who makes a lot of money from a great family maybe not as great as mine She is a socialite but she dresses very tzenuis

I think this guy should die alone without reproducing.
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  1. "You're a feminist!" DC trumpeted.

    If he's accusing a woman, in this day & age, of being a "feminist", that means he's stuck a few decades ago. I would expect every woman these days, and men too, to assume as a given the ideals of feminism.