Monday, November 03, 2008

Singled out

Every time I "friend" a high school acquaintance on Facebook, it seems they're a) thrilled to get in touch (can't always even say "back" in touch) and b) married with kids. ALL of them. I'm kind of amazed they don't look down on me. Although they friend Matt Stein too, and he's even further from being married than I am.
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  1. You really really have to get out of this mindset that you should be 'looked down upon' for not being married! I know it frustrates you to be single but being married is not the only measure of one's attractiveness, charisma, integrity, talent etc. I'd be willing to bet that lots of the folks contacting you are not happily married. And I am sure they do not look down upon you! How do you know they aren't saying: cool look what Abigail's accomplished?
    I know you feel otherwise but it frustrates me to see you knock yourself this way. The blog is your way of venting about your feelings, and this comment section is my way of venting about how much I hate to see you beat up on yourself.

  2. Well, in a community (Jewish-orthodox) where your value/worth seems to be judged upon one's marital status, it's a miracle that anyone in their 30s has managed to stay sane. Sometimes it's hard for a person to lift themselves out of the context of the community and see themselves "compared" to normal standards.