Thursday, November 20, 2008

Taking it easy

Woke up this morning still unable to face work, feverish (shout-out to Alona and Adir, who supplied me with a new thermometer) and still in some pain, although the medicine my doctor gave me is clearly helping. Good thing I stayed home, because my internist/gastroenterologist, Dr. Cool, called with the results of my blood work. Seems my white blood cell count is high and my liver is somewhat impaired. This could mean gallstones, which apparently would also explain the feverishness and lethargy.

I'm still kind of young for gallstones, but my former supervisor at the ACT team, Melanie, had kidney stones a few years ago, and she's younger than I am. Stones are stones, right?

So I have a sonogram this evening. Before that I'm going to pick up the police report from the hit-and-run, because who knows what will transpire tomorrow, my deadline for getting a copy of the report. Theoretically I could use mass transit to get around, but I'm taking it easy. I'm going to take taxis. Everything is on the Upper West Side; I think I can walk the 2 blocks to the post office to buy a money order, but I'm taking a taxi to the police station and another to the radiology practice.

I don't really think it's gallstones -- I think my stomach is just a little abraded and infected. Because I never have really serious diseases. Theoretically you could say that a suicide attempt indicates a note of seriousness, but my bipolar disorder is not as bad as it could be; I'm generally able to function, with periodic lapses into ill-but-not-terminal health. Back pain, gastritis, gum disease and surgery, sinusitis and surgery, knee pain. All of which probably tie into my mental state, at least somewhat. Mind-body connection.
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