Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why am I having coffee with this guy?

I finally heard back from Neither Here Nor There on Thursday night. We were both surfing Frumster, and he sent a simple email asking how I was. I responded in kind, and he wrote back:

ehhh...ok i guess. Looking forward to the weekend.
Tired of these dating sites. Women seem to tower over me on religious levels on here. it's amazing how good they are

That had me kind of baffled. Why is he talking to me about other women? Aren't you supposed to pretend that you're only corresponding with one person at a time, even if you're not?

Well, no reason to get into that via email, so I just wrote:

I'm amazingly sick of dating sites, and dating, for that matter.

His response was startling:

I hear you... maybe me and you should just get hitched and get off this site all together
what u say? Lol

Am I supposed to be flattered or offended? Is he intimating that I'm the girl he's decided to settle for? I decided to play it cool.

don't tempt me ;)

Chilly, in fact, but that didn't deter him:

we can skip the cup of coffee and go straight to the alter. I'm not a big coffee drinker anyway.
In addition my billing cycle is coming up soon so I'd be able to save myself 15 dollars if we get hitched before the month is up

How much is wrong with that response?

1. "Altar," not "alter"
2. Chuppah, not altar -- how much/little does he know about frumkeit?
3. Too cheap to buy me a cup of coffee?
4. Crass enough to ask for help avoiding the $15/month charge?

But I'm trying to be nice to the men I date, instead of my usual sarcastic self. So I didn't lash out.

wow, you don't want to waste any time ;)

I love coffee -- and I'd like to meet you at least once before getting married. I'm also soon to be non-paying. It's your call

That prompted him to agree to coffee, which we're having Sunday evening. I guess it'll get me out of the house.
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  1. He's got a sense of humor. And if you think about it, he's super-frum, willing to propose without even a face-to-face meeting! Even the rightest-wing ultras usually have a 20-minute sit-down before they break a plate.

    Just go and get some air and be social. And have fun. :)