Wednesday, December 31, 2008


LL was nice about it, but he already bought the Lion King tix. Rats. It would have been a perfect, romantic first date. The kind I never have. Still, he accepted my copious apologies -- I told him yekkes are very bad at spontaneous -- and we're having coffee on Monday. Kind of a downgrade, but at least I'll get to meet him.
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  1. I may have missed something. Didn't he invite you to see the Lion King with him? By the way, I am unsure what the Lion King is. I thought that it was a movie. Maybe you could help me out on that one?

  2. It's also a Broadway show. But I made plans to see it with him on the day of the Nefesh conference, and he already bought the tix :( I hope he can unload them. But at least I've seen him b'kiso (Broadway tix are pricey!) and b'kaaso (he didn't flip out and forgave me readily). Now I just have to get him drunk, and then I'll know if I can marry him ;)