Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dr. Dragon rears her lovely head on its long, elegant neck

Guess who's chairing the 2009 ABCT convention?

Greetings from the big apple!

[How original.]

I wanted to let you know that the 43rd ABCT convention will be held in New York City, November 19th-22nd, 2008.

[Wasn't that last month?]

The deadline for the 2009 ABCT convention is March 2nd, 2009. The themef or the convention is "Universal processes: Mediating Roles in vulnerability and treatment." The call for papers describing the theme is enclosed below. I encourage you to submit and consider serving as a reviewer, particularly if your area of expertise falls within the theme of the convention.

Additionally, we had an insufficient number of reviewers in the area of addictions in Orlando so if that is you [sic.] area of expertise, please let me know if you would like to serve as a reviewer.

Sincerely, Devona Dragon, ABCT 2009 Program Chair

Call for Papers
ABCT 43rd Annual Convention
November X-X [didn't you just say 19-20?], 2009 [okay, at least the year's correct]
"Universal processes: Mediating Roles in vulnerability and treatment."

Cognitive behavioral models stress the impact of various processes on the development, maintenance, and treatment of psychopathology. Recent advances in methodology have facilitated the growth of studies attempting to test cognitive and behavioral processes and their mediating role in vulnerability and treatment.

An emerging body of evidence appears to support the mediating impact of various processes in the development and maintenance (Vulnerability) and reduction of psychopathology (Mechanisms of change). Moving beyond a categorical nosology, there is also a growing interest in identifying common processes that play a role in the vulnerability and treatment across diagnostic categories.

The theme of the 43rd Annual meeting will be on identifying the various cognitive and behavioral processes that have been implicated in the development of vulnerability and treatment of psychopathology, particularly across diagnostic categories and models. We welcome submissions for research symposia, clinical sessions, and workshops focused on identifying universal processes across diagnostic areas and cognitive behavioral models.

Submissions that highlight models developed to identify common processes across diagnostic disorders and innovative methods and designs for examining development of vulnerability and mechanisms of change are especially encouraged and will receive special consideration. Submissions may be in the form of symposia, round tables, panel discussions, and posters:

* Symposia (S) - Presentation of data, usually investigating efficacy of treatment protocol or particular research.

* Panel Discussions (PD) and Clinical Round Tables (CRT) -Discussion (sometimes debate) by informed individuals on a current important topic.

* Poster Sessions (PS) - One-on-one discussions between researchers, who display graphic representations of the results of their studies, and interested attendees. Discussants will be encouraged to integrate processes implicated in the development, maintenance, and treatment of psychopathology across theoretical models.

The deadline for submission is March 2nd, 2009. Information, including deadlines for submitting abstracts, can be found after January 1, 2009 on ABCT's web site,, or in the January issue of The Behavior Therapist.

Think I should submit my full article (the journal's making me cut it down to about 1/3) about treatment for alcoholic pedophiles? It fits these criteria pretty well -- investigating efficacy of current treatment, common underlying factors that contribute to comorbid disorders. Damn well, in fact.
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