Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It pours

All my dating chickens are coming home to roost.

1. I sent an IM to a guy named LL, who looked at my profile a few times but never seemed to write me. He IMed me back, and after exchanging about 30 messages (I'll spare you the details) he promised to call tonight. And did. And we're seeing The Lion King on Sunday. Woohoo!

2. I contacted a guy who seemed cool. Didn't hear anything back for days. Come home tonight to this message:

Subject: to go out on a date

This is a message from SJ. I really enjoy good guitar music like Eric Clapton and Van Halen. I also enjoy long walks, for example in Central Park. I would love to go out on a date. Please call S at 1-718-xxx-xxxx. I think we can have fun together because we seem to have similar interests.

Okay, a little clunky, but he gets right to the point. I called and left him a message. (I'm busy New Year's and the Sunday after, but after that...)

3. I heard back from DIB. To refresh your memory, back in March:

I made plans to go out with the DIB (stands either for "dear Israeli brother" or, more commonly, "dumb Israeli bastard"), forgot I had an lecture that day, and asked him, days in advance, to reschedule. He called during the lecture, and I was a bit short with him, but I called back after and we made plans to go out to dinner the next day.

The DIB didn't call confirm. I had a sinking feeling he was going to stand me up, but I got ready anyway. I called him -- it rang, then went to voicemail. I paged him. No response.

Then, at 8 p.m., when we were supposed to be meeting at the restaurant, I logged onto the dating site where we met and saw him cruising. I sent him an IM:

didn't we have a date tonight?

which he ignored, so I sent another:

never mind

Well, he emailed me tonight:

Hello. You seem a cutie. Care to wink my way?

I wasn't in the mood to play footsie.

As I recall, we made a date and you stood me up.

He's quick on the uptake:

As I recall you canceled due to a seminar

Partially true.

I was in the middle of a seminar, so I couldn't talk when you called, and then I called you back and we talked afterward (while I was at the bus stop) and we made plans to meet up later. And we didn't.

How's he going to come back from that?

I recall more the seminar; kind of felt this was more important to you. I think you are a lovely and attractive girl. Care to put it in the past?

Hmm. Maybe I should let bygones be bygones.

Well, I was listening to the world's expert in auricular acupuncture talk about how he treats substance abuse without medication, so yes, I was distracted. I suppose I could let you make it up to me ;)

How will he do that?

i am sending you a kiss until i could deliver it myself and flowers

Talk is cheap! Also, it's early days to be talking about kissing.

A kiss is a bit forward, and flowers only count when they're real. When do you plan to do something in real life?

As in -- nu?

are you rejecting my overtures already? Give me a chance. next week perhaps?

Maybe I'm being too hard on him.

Next week sounds good. I'm usually free Mondays and Wednesdays, since I work late Tuesday and Thursday. I work close to all the train stations, so I can meet you anywhere.

I was puzzled by his response:

just out of curiosity how do you define liberal orthodoxy?

What's that got to do with making plans? But he asked, and it's not an inappropriate question -- he bills himself as "Yeshivish Modern" -- so I'll answer.

obeying halacha while enjoying permissible secular things like movies, TV, museums, theater, science, newspapers/magazines, culture, etc.

I didn't really like his response, because he seems to be looking for... something.

would you hold hands?

Again, I'll be honest, but cautious:

If I liked the guy.

I liked his next response even less:

I would like that

Is it me, or does that sound a little creepy? I wrote back:

all in good time, it can't be forced

No response, and I'm sure as heck not responding. I think I know what DIB was after -- and it wasn't tachlis.

But who cares? I have plans for New Year's, I'm going to see The Lion King, and I've almost got a date with an Eric Clapton fan. I don't need Jeff, and I don't need a horny, hypocritical, mendacious DIB. I'm okay.
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  1. mendacious: good word!

  2. Glad to see things are picking up! :)

  3. feast or famine -- we'll see if anything lasting comes of any of these