Sunday, December 28, 2008

My New Year's plans

As I mentioned on Facebook, I was invited to a friend's New Year's Eve party. Not just any friend. I have a history with him.

Many, many years ago -- more than 10 -- Sam and I met at a Shabbos meal. Then I didn't see him for year. Then we went to another Shabbos meal at the same host, and he remembered meeting me. (I didn't remember him so clearly, but I guess I'm pretty memorable.) This time, he walked me home and asked me out. And we had a great first date -- dinner, conversation, whole 9 yards. At my door he got a little giggly and nervous and didn't ask to kiss me -- and I was kind of relieved. I liked him, but I wasn't wildly attracted to him. Could see it coming in time, but not just then. So we said good night and he called me for another date.

We agreed, due to my hectic schedule -- full-time job and part-time grad school for my first master's -- to go for a walk in Riverside Park on Shabbos afternoon. At one point we saw a row of portapotties lined up.

"Good job, Mr. Bloomberg," said Sam. "I'm going to use one of them." But they were locked.

"You know, I kinda really have to go right now," he said. "We can go to a doorman building near here -- usually the doormen have a bathroom in the basement will let you use it."

The next half hour was both hilarious and frightening. Because we went to building after building and none of the doormen would let him go! I was trying not to laugh, and unfortunately not succeeding entirely.

"You know," I said, "I know you're really uncomfortable, but this is actually kinda funny."

He didn't respond. We tried a few more buildings and ended up going to the Jewish Center. He zipped down the stairs, did his business, and walked me home.

And I never heard from him after that.

I ran into him from time to time, but we never really mentioned what happened. Once I jokingly brought it up when a mutual friend tried to introduce us, and he ran off. Oy.

But Facebook is the great connector. Once I saw he was on there I friended him. After that, if we saw each other IRL (= in real life), he was friendly. And I started regretting that we never had a third date. He's not the best looking guy, but he's not repulsive. He's very bright and very funny. Most importantly, his politics are almost identical to mine, although he presents better arguments in support of them. We have a Facebook friend who routinely posts neoconservative screeds on any number of topics, and Sam and I are always arguing the opposite point of view.

Anyway, every year he has a new year's eve party, and he's never invited me. Until a few days ago:

Ayelet, I'm having a party in my apartment New Year's Eve. The address is xxx. The starting time is 10:00 p.m. Please let me know if you can make it and if you want to bring anyone else, please let me know as well.Thanks, Sam

Who knows why. I plan to wear my sexiest new red dress and bring some fabulous Brooklyn girls (if it's okay with him, I emailed to ask) that I met this Shabbos.

I also called Jeff. Home and cell. But didn't leave a message. Maybe I misinterpreted his last message as not meaning that he planned to dump me but preferred to do it over the phone rather than in a text message. Maybe he wanted to renegotiate my nonexclusivity terms. Maybe I'm delusional. I'm certainly not going to leave any messages -- but now he knows I tried to reach him. We'll see if that makes any difference.
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