Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No longer quite as annoyed

Jeff emailed me on Frumster:

Sorry I could not call last night. Been fighting a big fire at work and was working until late last night at home. Tonight I have to manage a team doing an overnight systems fix from 2am to about 5am. They gave me a pager for a few days, that's how intense things have been.

I'll try to call tonight to say hello. Popped on here before going to the gym.Hope all is well.

Hmpf. Theoretically, he could have chosen me to meet me for coffee over going to the gym if they're not doing the fix until 2 a.m. But you know gym rats -- they're as addicted as any of my clients. I'm also trying to be reasonable. I wrote back:

Once I got to my sister's house Friday afternoon for a weekend visit and my mother was there.

"How are you?" she asked.

"Exhausted," I said. "I was putting out fires all day."

"Really?" asked my niece. "You're a fireman?"

Hang in there.

I'm definitely going to play it cool -- not angry, but also not eager.
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  1. Well played.

    Also, fwiw, these sysadmin types are literally on-call 24/7. They're like doctors, only when a doctor gets an emergency call, there's usually just a life at stake. With sysadmins, it could be millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs on the line! Critical stuff! ;)