Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Of all the days to wear a thong....

Just now I walked through the reception area at work after using the bathroom. I heard one of the Spanish-speaking clients say "seƱorita!" and "falda!" which mean "Miss" and "skirt." Apparently I walked past all my relapse prevention group clients with my skirt tucked into the back of my pantyhose.

At least they're control top, but how am I supposed to lead group tonight after everyone's seen my ass? I haven't done laundry in weeks because I've been depressed, and I'm down to the last few thongs in my underwear drawer. The clients probably assume I have a racy sex life and wear thongs all the time.

Oh well... time to face the music.

"Okay, floor show's over," I said to the reception area. "Group is starting. Let's go."

And we actually had a good group. Talked about how the holidays can be a trigger for alcohol use, the value of patience and persistence, and how to cope with difficult feelings without using. I guess I modeled how to cope with embarrassment without snorting coke or shooting heroin.
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  1. Yesterday I had the hiccups in a meeting and felt mortified. So I know how you feel. But these things tend to loom larger to us than to others. It probably humanized you to your clients--and since you are not a Freudian that's not a bad thing.